Cameron Bishop is an addict, a womanizer and a rock star but he is not a killer. So why won’t anybody believe him?
When the world gets a little too messed up there are a few places you can choose to go, unless your mega rich then the world is your oyster. So when Booker Shield is framed for a murder he didn’t commit he chooses the most sensible solution, to be cryogenically frozen.

Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams style in writing, you’ll find my writing style asking ‘what happens next?’ while hoping it doesn’t get back on track. Following on from the idea of 27 club, when celebrities either die or vanish at the age of 27, the book asks where they all went and if the theories of them hiding away underground are true, why haven’t they simply just popped up in the middle of Tesco doing a weekly shop.

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