What I learnt reading my own books

I’m not one for reading my own stuff back. I didn’t see the point. I wrote it I should know what’s going on in it.

Thid is sadly not the case on so many levels. Firstly reading your book back just makes sense. When you’re writing it’s a thing of fury. You clock through word after word. Yeah you might see a few incorrect bits and bobs as you type but you won’t see it all.

Secondly speach patterns. What I write and how I talk are two different things. Even as I write blogs I find I type more how I talk. When I write I write like I read. More bookish. I want to find a happy medium, a bit of me and a bit of book me. When you read your own writing you find those little lines which make sense but don’t sound real.

Lastly. Enjoy yourself. You’ve written a book. Like hell you can recall every line of bit. Read your own work with fresh eyes. Find those errors yes but also find those lines people will remember, the quips that people ill quote. Enjoy your own books.

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