The Edit Is A Struggle

I’ve been having a little bit of hell recently, I hate editing, I like to write and write and hope for the best. It’s not the worse idea, But it does make it a lot harder in the long run. So from now on, the plan is to write five days a week, then on the weekend I’ll do my editing.
Now the question I have for myself is how I do this. If it’s a weekend edit what would that look like?
The way I do the best editing is by writing chapters. Then opening a new document and copying from left to right, typing from the start. this wouldn’t work.
So instead, I’ll go cutting and pasting. The idea still applies. Two document, but this time, I copy a paragraph into the second document. Then I read line by line, adding 25% of the world count to that? Does that make sense? I’ll keep you up to date on how well that method goes with my new book.
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