A book in 90 days

So, I said recently that I’d try and write more, like a lot more, and I have been. I’ve been working my butt off trying to get it down to a science, or at least a science I could understand. I have, at least I think have, what I’ve worked out. I am terrible at … [Read more…]

A Quarterly Book Plan

Am I an idiot? I’ve decided for the first year of being a author I want to give you guys a book every three months, I think it’s a crazy idea, but a perfectly doable one. I have a lot of back stock of books and book ideas, that I could use. Either stuff I’ve … [Read more…]

A little lost

So, I’m done, the book is finished, Club27 at least. Yes i have three books in the works, but Club27 was stand alone. It wasn’t and probably never will be linked to any other books other than by reference. Now, because of this, I feel a little like a deflated balloon, I have one in … [Read more…]

A Mental Choice

I’ve made a mental choice, the choice was a little simple to make, but I’m the kind of person who needs time restraints. A date to work towards basically. These books have been a little side project for a huge lump of time, and because of that I’ve never taken them too seriously. Being they … [Read more…]

The Edit Is A Struggle

I’ve been having a little bit of hell recently, I hate editing, I like to write and write and hope for the best. It’s not the worse idea, But it does make it a lot harder in the long run. So from now on, the plan is to write five days a week, then on … [Read more…]

Talk about ad’s baby.

The books up for pre-order now. Digital and print. Wow We’re on our way. But now I have to get to the grind, the hard sell, I’m a terrible salesman, okay that’s not that true. I’ve worked in sales for years, but this is different, I’m not selling products, I’m selling me, a little bit … [Read more…]

Lets make it monthly.

I’ve spent the past few months writing a new book, it feels like its all I do right now, write and edit. It takes more time then I remember. It’s been three years since my first book, which I’ve had to half retire, tidy it up a little. So it will be back, you don’t … [Read more…]

Bourdiec On Burgers

  It was Laura’s Birthday on Wednesday,(blows part blower and pops party popper.)  and anybody who knows me knows my fondness for burgers, god damn I love burgers, so birthdays are the best excuse for burgers. We went to the town wall the year before and I didn’t really put anything about it but lets … [Read more…]

Christmas Traditions 101

Lets get your Christmas spirit into gear with very simple steps to starting a Christmas tradition, Christmas is a time of year for sharing and caring and eating to much of something, turkey, chocolate,  lumps in bad gravy you’ve had to make from granules.

How to fail NaNoWriMo successfully

A great man once said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’  and that’s very true in science but in the arts we just call it practise, I must admit, this is myself telling me it was okay to fail (really truly fail) nanowrimo and … [Read more…]