I don’t have a story.

I don’t have a story, well I do but I’m struggling. The plot is fully in my head. Characters are coming back. New ones are showing up. It’s just I’m stuck. The story is a huge bear and I’m poking it with a stick. The problem is I’m poking it and nothing is happening, so … [Read more…]

More about my hat

A few weeks ago I told you about my hat, big green ugly thing. Lots of badges on it. So, I thought I’d go through a badge or two and tell a story that I can remember from getting the badge. This morning I looked at the hat, watched it, studied it, trying to recall … [Read more…]

My books out

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Person. What does a dead girl, a zombie without any memories and quantum physics have in common? Booker Shield is going to find out. Booker is a detective, that’s what he keeps telling people anyway. Kindle link

What I learnt reading my own books

I’m not one for reading my own stuff back. I didn’t see the point. I wrote it I should know what’s going on in it. Thid is sadly not the case on so many levels. Firstly reading your book back just makes sense. When you’re writing it’s a thing of fury. You clock through word … [Read more…]


You can ask anyone who my favourite writer is and they can probably tell you it’s Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett. But today I’m going to talk about a writer that is a little less know, and although I see some Pratchett or Adams in my writing let’s chat about who I see myself being … [Read more…]

The end of the month

Jeez is been a hell of a month. Tackling the last bits of the first Booker book. Having the second and third pop up. I’m clocking in with a lot of Booker stuff right now. But I’m not forgetting you guys here. It’s the end of the month. Normally that meant nothing to me. I … [Read more…]


I follow a few blogs, not ones I read religiously but ones I check in on every so often or I follow then on Twitter going that I spot an article is like to read.I don’t think anybody what’s to hear by top 5 blogs I read because you’re here to read about my writing … [Read more…]

I’m not a proud person.

I’m never really proud of my books. Does that sound odd? Maybe because I never read my books like I’d read a book. From front to back I read it with a filofax of notes and changes I know must be made. This time I’m trying something a little different with a well-timed death. I … [Read more…]

My badge hat

  When I was a kid we travelled a lot. My Dad was a cruise director for a big holiday cruise company. I won’t say which but there’s not many so you can probably guess. A few years in when I was old enough to craft my own personality I decided that this was the … [Read more…]

Writing struggles

A Well-Timed Death is almost done. I’ve really struggled getting this book right, mostly the ending has been a pain in the arse. All the characters sort of fell into place, I knew who they were and what they were like straight away but then ending! That bloody ending. But today as I was on … [Read more…]