More about my hat

A few weeks ago I told you about my hat, big green ugly thing. Lots of badges on it. So, I thought I’d go through a badge or two and tell a story that I can remember from getting the badge. This morning I looked at the hat, watched it, studied it, trying to recall a memory from it. Then I spotted the sharp face of an Egyptian woman. I looked at her and she looked back at me, locking eyes she told the take of me wearing this f ugly hat.

My mother was smart, she never let on to anyone she was but she was. This was the mid-nineties so sunbeds were a thing and skin damage wasn’t, not to people anyway. But for a kid who travelled I was pale, not paper white but just for someone who spent 3 months a year on a ship sailing around I was the wrong shade of beige. This was because my Mam feared the sun and what it would do to my little paper skin. So I’d wear hats, then the bucket hat came along and life was sorted I could protect my face and neck. But this doesn’t dispel the heat, Egypt is hot, known well for being so. We were in a small market and I was a smart kid so was normally allowed to wander places myself, which is fine when I have my head screwed on, but this day was got, the hottest Egypt had in five years and I didn’t get burnt, what I did get was terrible sunstroke and then because my brain was fried like breakfast eggs I got very lost. Now at this point, I must say I have no more memory of that day. I do have memories of the next waking up in the ship’s cinema in the middle of the first alien movie. I don’t know how long I’d been there.

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