Lets make it monthly.

I’ve spent the past few months writing a new book, it feels like its all I do right now, write and edit. It takes more time then I remember. It’s been three years since my first book, which I’ve had to half retire, tidy it up a little. So it will be back, you don’t have to worry about that, to be honest, I’ve had a big choice recently. I could go the old route or the new one, I began sending off Club27 to agents, in the hopes I could go pro, or at least what I saw as pro. Then i started to research, I should never research because that’s when I start to doubt myself. The new route, is my old route. You might not know, Karlbourdiec.co.uk was started when I was a failing filmmaker. When you’re a filmmaker indie is the only route really, that or start off as a runner for the BEEB, but that wasn’t for me. So I do know how to go indie, I’ve done it, I’ve made the mistakes too, all of them, I never advertised I just hoped my work would be found, so thats next, Lets talk about how I’m going to advertise Club27.   next week.

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