Jurassic world

So my one year wait is done, I saw it and it’s over,  jurassic world! I’m.going spoiler free if I can.

Okay okay so it was amazing, but never was it something new, packed full of nostalgia factor more than anything else. As an ex filmmaker and writer the plot hold up well and the effects are brilliant and although there are some shorts thrown in just to be like ‘look it’s like the old movies’ they never seemed out of place, which is a god send. It all seemed very natural for a movie about cloning.

Character breakdown! We had snooty pants who got her nephews to come to this island full of dinosaurs and left them to walk around the park, I say good on her, when I was a kid I’d want nothing more than to walk around Disney without other people. Chris Pratt character dino buddy, he was cool as a cucumber style guy with some funny one liners. A role he was either born to play or has simply fell into and is unable to get up from, not a bad thing Bruce Willis tried to build a career on it, Chris Pratt doing a much better job. These two shitting kids are pretty much the same shitting kids from the first the older kid who simply couldn’t give two craps and the other one who has some sort of social handicap like rainman but with dinosaurs.

To the movie! It’s like a jurassic movie, what else can I say, they didn’t go terminator 4 crazy and go crazy with a universe changing plot, it’s a theme park full of dinosaurs and something goes wrong,it’s exactly what you wanted.

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