It’s my Birthday

I’m now 28. It’s a little scary growing closer and closer too thirty and still having no actual clue what I’m doing. I’m sat here right now with a glass of dark rum in my hand. It’s my drink of choice and as I say it’s my Birthday so I can do what I want. The problem with having your birthday so close to the start of the year is you have this double reflection on your life so far. You get the new year new me vibe from people for a bit, that makes you want to be a better version of yourself but then you get the second punch of it being your birthday. nearly everybody reflects on their life so far when it’s their birthday, don’t they? I know I do. this also marks the first year of me saying I’m a writer. like properly doing it, not just half arsing it but actually putting in conscious effort to become an author. When I look at actually, maybe last year I had said new year new me, or looked at my life so far on my birthday and made the conscious effort change. oh well.

anyway, Because it’s my birthday and I’m one for celebrating I’ve put up A Well-Timed Death up for free on kindle. Click here to get a free copy.

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