I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a dog cafe

Have you ever been to a dog cafe? they are amazing. We’re huge dog people, and for some reason, dogs seem to be pretty fond of us. It was Laura’s birthday on the 16th, so for that, we popped along to a local dog themed cafe. Dogs everywhere, it was pretty amazing to see all these tiny dogs scurrying around the floor. Then all of a sudden we were attacked, miniature and teacup dogs everywhere. It was a pretty amazing way to spend a day off.

Before that, on Wednesday we went to Edinburgh for a day. If you’ve never had the chance to go to Scotland you have to. If you do go, other than going to see the normal amazing stuff go to see surgeons hall. It’s this amazing museum all about the history of surgery. We tend to go Edinburgh a couple of times a year and although there’s some stuff you tend to go to time after time there’s also a decent chance you’ll never see and do everything there. Now I’m just struggling with two days of on and off hiccups. It’s actually the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve tried everything to clear them. Any remedies would be greatly appreciated.

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