We all wish that
when things go south we had somewhere to hide and allow any issues to blow over. When Cameron Bishop is accused of shooting his best friend and guitarist, he finds a place to do such a thing, Somnus. An underground system which puts the rich under a to hibernation until either what they have done or they have been forgotten. Four celebrities are frozen for 20 years and are woken up to a comedian who was one, being shot, they must follow up on who shot him and why? Before the gun man kills again or before their insomnia catches up on them.

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Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams style in writing, you’ll find my writing style asking ‘what happens next?’, while hoping it doesn’t getting back on track. Following on from the idea of 27 club, when celebrities either die or vanish at the age of 27, the book asks where they all went and if the theories of them hiding away underground are true, why haven’t they simply just popped up in the middle of Tesco doing a weekly shop.