Karl Bourdiec is an author, photographer and local hermit. He enjoys coffee; black, and his attention ; short. These two things are somewhat connected. He began writing in early 2013. He currently lives in a two bedroom flat in Newcastle, where he lives alone except for his thoughts, which seem to take up his whole second bedroom. Right now he has written a single book (Infinite People) and began his second.

Karl was born and continues to live in South Shields,Tyne and Wear, a small ex mining town he continues to state ‘thinks its a city.’ Where he was raised by his father, a general entertainer and his mother a nurse. He recently was publicised due to his over indulgence with coffee and food that comes on small plates. Before writing Karl was considered a film-maker, which he quickly stopped due to having ideas to large to fit onto 35mm film. He now mainly writes and does little else.

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