A weekend break.

I know, I know. Weekly and monthly are two opposite things,
but it’s difficult to find time between tapping away at a key board to tap away at another. We’re spending the week in darlington, taking a break away from my book and my blank pages with a few black squiggles. First of all we turn up late. This is the trains doing and not our own, I’m not a man built for being late and therefore I’m a nervous wreck. We’re staying at Lauras father’s so dumping our baggage into the hallway we move quickly to the kitchen to see the dogs, (Lauras instinctive need to go home once in a while is mainly to go see her dogs, one of which sits in a constant state of depression.) we head to town after the dogs run around my bowed legs. I need a tooth brush which was easy to find in a town centre which consisted of two superdrugs, a primark and 40 different charity shops. Tooth brush in hand we head back to change for lunch, I’m mostly dressed so wait until the living room with lauras father. The conversation turns quickly to business which as a man who ran his own business is lauras father’s go to chat. My phone glows with the words ‘should have left when you could.’ from Laura.
We go to lunch, a small pizzaria, as man from south shields this allows me to bring up my go to chat, our street of award winning restaurants. Lauras step mam reference a curry she had 10 years ago at a curry house on ocean road, which is made up of around 30 curry houses all of which have some sort of award. We head home after eating two lunches or dinner… Teas Which ever is the last meal of the day.


Heading to bed which is a small double meaning our sleeping arrangement is a jumble. Laura sleeps like a log, I sleep like a damp leaf, constantly scared of falling to my death.


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